LIQUID-ARMOR a remarkable Nano coating technology that shines and protects your portable device screen like nothing else! One simple application of LIQUID-ARMOR Plus with unique anti-scratch and water-repellent features up to 12 months!


How To Use

LIQUID-ARMOR Plus (5ml Dropper Bottle)


    • Natural Lavender flavor.
    • Anti-Static / High Gloss.
    • Smooth, dirt repellent surface.
    • Provides scratch-resistant surface for normal wear and tear.
    • Screen protection up to 2x stronger than traditional screen protection film.
    • Preserves touch screen sensitivity sharpness and vividness of screen display.
    • Water-repellent feature provides water beading and repel from a treated surface.
    • Best to protect any glasses of Smartphone, Tablet PC, LCD/LED (Camera, Laptop, TV) Screen without size boundary.

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