LIQUID-ARMOR's premium Microfiber Cloth is made of 100% high quality micro-filament and polyhedron cross-section yarn for residue removal. This is a safe and easy way to instantly clean all your delicate surface areas. Easy removal of smears and fingerprints.


Microfiber Polishing Cloths Benefits:

Our Premium Microfiber cloth is made of 100% microfilament and polyhedron cross-section yam specifically designed for removal of residues. It will not causes scratch or damage to surfaces. Free of chemical treatment, cleaning will not corrode surfaces. For the DV, camera, cellphone, laptop, the screen of LCD & PDP. Cloth is machine washable with PH-Neutral cleaning agent.


The coarse cloth surface is designed for fine particles removal and dust cleaning. (use side (A) when apply LIQUID-ARMOR)


The plain and interlacing strands of knitted surface is designed to clean fingerprints, grease and etc. (use side (B) before and after apply LIQUID-ARMOR)


LIQUID-ARMOR Microfiber Cloth

SKU: LA-100C
    • An Eco-friendly safe product
    • Dirt grabbing and dust busting Screen Cleaning Screen Protection Anti Fingerprint
    • Screen cleaning microfiber cloth for iPad screen, iPhone Screen , Android smartphones screen, Galaxy phone and tablets.
    • 8x8 inches (20x20cm)
    • Nylon/Polyester conjugate yarn ( 30% Nylon/70% Polyester)

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